Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Family photo shoot Spring 2012

So these were taken on May 7th 2012...I know it's almost 2 months ago! But our photograph Irina was way busy plus we went on a vacation...but the result was so worth the wait!

Family photo shoot 2012

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our holidays in Mallorca

We’ve spent 10 wonderful days on this very beautiful Spanish Island Mallorca. We have seen lots of interesting places: Palma Aquarium (European largest aquarium), Marineland where we’ve seen dolphin and sea lions show, the National Park where we’ve seen lots of interesting birds and animals like peacocks, bears, owls, swans; the old beautiful town Valdemossa where there used to be a monastery, also Chopin lived there for awhile; other small old towns; a few Medieval towns; the historic center of Palma de Mallorca with its amazing Cathedral and Castle. We also had lots of fun playing in the sand and swimming in the sea.
Sonya enjoyed our vacation much more than last year. She absolutely loved the sea; it was tricky sometimes to go away from the beach. She enjoyed making friends with other kids even if they were from other countries, she didn’t seem to have any communicational problems with a German girl J Also by the end of our vacation she started saying “ola” to everyone which was really cute J She figured out herself that it was “hi” in Spanish since everyone was saying this word. Hopefully she’ll enjoy studying foreign languages as much as her parents do J
Also everyone was calling her “little princess” and just couldn’t stop admiring her curls…I don’t blame them J
Well, here is a slideshow with pictures and some videos are in the previous posts. Enjoy! :)

In the National Park